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۲۱۴- Love

In the name of God

A few years ago, when my son Moein was in primary school, I sometimes walked him to school in the mornings. One day, he asked about love, and I answered him in the language of mathematics due to his interest in mathematics. I told him that there are three models to love:
O  ۱- point  ۲- linear,   ۳- triangular

 Point model: in this method, a person only loves   himself, and examples of that are the devil and evil, addicted and selfish people who want everything only for themselves and are ready to sacrifice everything for themselves.

 Linear model: In this method, liking is a condition that a person loves his addressee provided that he loves him in return or acts according to his wishes, for example, he loves his teacher provided he gives him a score of 20 or his father He likes if he gives him some money, and he likes the local grocer, if he considers the goods to be cheap, and I love Imam Reza against Islam and God, if they provide his needs, and… This is the method of traders and is not acceptable.

Triangular model: The best kind of love is where there are three points, me, the audience, and God. In this way, I love my audience only for the sake of God, even if he does not love me or does not act according to my wishes, and in this way, my audience can include all of God’s creations, including inanimate objects, plants, animals, and humans. .
And as for the implementation of triangular love itself, there are three parts:
o  ۱- Emptying    ۲- Expressing   ۳- Proving:

-Evacuation stage, an example of a beautiful poem,

It is not the custom of love to have two lovers with one heart, or Zjanan or Zjanan, you should stop.
A true lover must first be emptied in his heart and love other than his god, including my love, which is stronger than all loves, should be removed from his heart, as when we say there is no God but God, we first reject all loves and gods, and then The heart finds the merit of the presence of the true God, that is, the Almighty God.

Expressing love: Now that the house of the heart is empty of other things, it is time to give heart to the real god, that is, to tell our god that we love him, and this should be repeated every day and many times, like food and oxygen, which are necessary for the body. Loving God is also necessary to be repeated regularly during the day so that there is no room for anything other than God to enter the heart and the house of the heart is constantly emptied of other things.

۳- Proof of love: At this stage, we must prove this love to the one we love, for example, if you told your daughter that you love her and she asks for a purchase, make sure to do it on time, otherwise this friendship will not be proven. This is also the case with Almighty God and the infallible imams, that is, if you have told God that you love him, you must prove it, and the proof of that is to bring good to his creatures. But how?
For many years, I thought that giving fish to the needy was the proof of this love, but later I said to myself that we should teach fishing to the underprivileged, that is, make them self-sufficient and entrepreneurs, and create work for them, and in the centers where I worked, establish a support committee for the underprivileged. Later, I saw again that there is a higher stage, and that is giving merit to the deprived, that if the deprived gets merit, in God’s system of creation, he will earn both fish and fishing

And the confirmation of that is verse 11 of the blessed Surah Raad, which says: God does not change us by nation, even if we change ourselves by ourselves, that is, God does not change the fate of nations unless the souls change, that is, societies based on the actions of their individuals, according to God’s justice, deserve mercy or They will be punished, and the other reference is verses 7 to 14 of Surah Mubaraka Fajr, where God gives an example of the three tribes of Aad, Thamud and Pharaoh at the height of their power, who due to rebellion and excess in corruption deserved the downfall of calamity and were destroyed, and the message of this story is this. It is that whenever the servants do this action, they will have this fate, and God is not complacent with anyone, and His justice has always been and will be the absolute ruler in the world. For example, if you greet people while driving, they usually thank you very much, which can lead to the embarrassment of the passenger and your surprise, but you can tell him, “First of all, we humans have a duty to thank God for His blessings, so I will do it.” I undertake to bring you closer to your destination in exchange for the car you gave me, and on the other hand, you must have done a good deed at some time and place for someone or people that now I have the opportunity to serve you. I found it. With this statement, he becomes passive and searches in the depths of his mind when and where he did a good deed and from now on he tries to be more benevolent to others because he has seen the result from you and in addition to himself. You also don’t get surprised by a lot of compliments because the growth of surprise leads to arrogance and an arrogant person does not have a good position in the eyes of God. let them become passive and encourage them to continue doing good deeds, and on the other hand, we should not suffer from wonder and then arrogance, which is the bane of good deeds.

..Now, in this regard, three interesting examples and articles are presented:

First: The beautiful ceremony of Hajj is a concrete example of the above three stages, namely evacuation, expression and proof. …. All of which are aimed at weakening and negating ego and selfishness, and then at the expression stage, we circumambulate around the Kaaba to the number seven, which is the infinite number of the lips of the Goyans, and declare only him as the center of our lives, and then in the third stage, we sacrifice our dearest loved ones. For Abraham, Ishmael was sacrificed for us, and God allowed the sacrifice of an animal, but he made an exception for Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, and sacrificed his children and his family and accepted it.

Second: Sheikh Ajl Saadi (RA) got up in the middle of the night with his father to perform the night prayer. He turns to his father and says, “Blessed are you and me, that I have the opportunity to pray at night, but the others are sleeping like the dead,” to which the wise father tells him, “If you are good, it is better that you have fallen into the skin of creation.”

Because the father felt his child’s feeling of wonder that he sees himself and his actions from others. In the disease of wonder, the person first likes his own action, and with the continuation of this feeling and the growth of the seedling of wonder, in the next stage, he is superior to himself and others. He says lowly and lowly that the beginning of arrogance is the manifestation of that devil who worshiped for thousands of years, but with a moment of wonder and then arrogance, he disobeyed the command of God, and as a result, all his worship was destroyed and rejected by God.

Whoever says that I am me, he did not become me, he was killed because he did not deserve to be threshed.

Don’t be me, be with me to become us, be a cluster to be worthy of the threshing

As the soil becomes softer, it will rise in the sky with a gentle breeze, but if it is firm, it will be worthy to be trampled under the feet. A person who wants to should try to be humble, the steps of which are described in the article on the tree of happiness.

Third: The story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) is the time when God asked him to bring a creature lower than himself to God, he finally chose a dead and stinking dog and took it with him. Came. He did an action based on his instinct and nature, but I was free to choose the actions I did between good and bad, so if I chose bad, I am guilty, so he threw the rope around his neck and went to the mountain, as God said. You had brought it, you became a prophet. This story also tells about fighting against wonder and self-righteousness.

I am in love with the world, because the world is in love with him

Oh God, grant us the grace to fall in love with you, because living with love is the most beautiful life. God willing.

Sincerely, Hasanzadeh

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